Patrick Tapley

Highest Honour: 
Eastern counties
Devonshire Arms
Player Profile: 

Former clubs: Newmarket and Cambridge RUFC

Highest honour: Eastern Counties

Biggest influence: My family.

Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given: Not technically advice but more of an outlook. “Life is really simple, we just insist on making it complicated”

Best friend in rugby: Mik Gillick at Camrbidge RUFC

Favourite food: Beef Stroganoff

Favourite holiday destination: Melbourne, Australia

When I’m not playing rugby I like to…: Do as little as feasibly possible.

If I wasn’t a rugby player I would be…: Very unfit and struggling for things to do on a Saturday afternoon

Past, Present and Future: Here is your opportunity to pay tribute to those who play the same position as yourself. 

Past: Shane Williams. First player I really remember once I started taking an interest in watching rugby and not just playing it. Some of the steps he put in were something else.

Present: George North. Pretty much the full package when it comes to wingers now. Has the ability to run around you as well as through you. 

Future: Aaron Morris. When I was his age I was playing on muddy pitches around East Anglia. He’s playing Championship and Internationals!!

Desert Island Delights: You have found yourself deserted on an island with just a few things to pass the time. 

Song: Drake - Underground Kings

Album: Kanye West - College Dropout

Rugby Player: Nick Cummins

TV Programme: House Of Cards

Film: Inception

Smell: Fresh out of the box trainers

Book: “How to survive on a desert island”

Luxury: My bed


Next Home Match

Friday 14th November
1st XV Championship
Goldington Road