Michael Le Bourgeois

Fly Half
Lifesure Group
Player Profile: 

Former clubs: Jersey
Biggest influence: My family
Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given: Believe in your ability
Best friend in rugby: Ed Dawson
Favourite food: Seafood
Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere with some heat
When I’m not playing rugby I like to…: Socialise, activities, lounge about.
If I wasn’t a rugby player I would be…: Living the dream
Past, Present and Future: Here is your opportunity to pay tribute to those who play the same position as yourself. 
Past: As he was here last week for Mike Rayer’s Testimonial dinner, I think that I’d have to say Phil Bennett. He had the full repertoire of tricks including that wonderful sidestep which served him so well. It was no wonder he was chosen as the greatest ever Lions fly half and I think we could all still learn so much from him.
Present: This may be cheating a little, but I can play centre so I’m opting for Sonny Bill Williams (even though he’s playing League at the moment). The man is an amazing athlete and competitor who has such determination and drive. Boxing, League, Union – he’ll probably win the Formula One title at some point!
Future: We are very fortunate to have so many young and impressive tens in England at the moment but I’ve always been impressed by George Ford. It is easy to forget that he is just 20 years old but his maturity on the field along with great game control certainly makes him one to watch for the future.

Desert Island Delights: You have found yourself deserted on an island with just a few things to pass the time. Explain why you have picked each
Song: If I’m going to be stuck on an island then I want something rather uplifting so I’ll go for Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’. Top tune that would keep me going.
Album: I’m a big Michael Jackson fan but it is really tough to pick just one album so I’m going to opt for History: Past, Present and Future so I have all the best bits.
TV Programme: The Office – cringe worthy at times but a brilliant series that is always watchable.
Film: Wedding Crashers – Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson at their best with Will Ferrell almost stealing the show at the end. Superb!
Smell: If I could take just one then I’d go for a spot of Armani
Rugby Player: I’d have to take my best mate Ed Dawson just so we can have a good laugh for 24 hours
Book: I’m not a big reader but with plenty of time on my hands I’m going to go for Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe – there might be some useful tips in there…
Luxury: Being a practical lad I think that I’d have to take a nice big Swiss Army knife with me.


Next Home Match

Friday 14th November
1st XV Championship
Goldington Road