Bedford Blues were given one of their toughest training sessions of pre-season when they put through their paces with a Mixed Martial Arts workout.

The lads headed along to the Rising Crane Centre in Melbourne Street where they met up with David Rogers who is the Chief Instructor of Rising Crane which is Bedford’s longest running fully equipped, full time Martial arts academy.

The players may have thought that they were in for an easy time but it was soon apparent that this wasn’t the case. The session started with a technique based warm up and then the players were unleashed on punch bags and pads. David used a combination of MMA drills such as kicking, punching and wrestling to push the players work rate throughout the whole session. 

Speaking about the session, Blues Strength and Conditioning Coach Andrew Petts said: “The players absolutely loved the session and it was clear to me and the other coaches that it was a great success. We’ve worked hard to produce a pre-season schedule that will really challenge the players and put them a little outside of their comfort zone pushing their fitness on to another level.

“The session at Crane Rising was perfectly planned and delivered by David and his assistant Rory and I was delighted with the attitude of the players throughout. I would thoroughly recommend this type of session to anyone as it really is a whole body workout and I’m sure that we will be heading along to Rising Crane more often.”

MMA is a true ‘melting pot’ of martial arts. You get the grappling of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the striking of Thailand's Muay Thai, the throwing and submission techniques of Judo, along with the wrestling tactics born in the USA. It's what happens when someone seeks the perfect form of martial arts. Because whether you're on your feet, tangled up with someone else, or even on your back - you'll know exactly what to do. It's flawless defense, and vicious offense.

David Rogers, Chief Instructor at Crane Rising, added: “Our MMA program is taught as an integration of striking and grappling, both on the feet and on the ground. The aim is to closely simulate the conditions of a real fight as intensely as possible whilst still being safe for the students.

“This is possible because of the use of protective equipment and specialised sparring drills. Our integrated approach - rather than teaching striking and grappling separately like many schools - enables development of the correct reflexes for MMA competition or realistic self defence. Many of our students have successfully fought in the cage, but our classes are equally for those who just want to learn to look after themselves and enjoy the training.

“It was a real pleasure to welcome the Blues along to one of our classes and I look forward to seeing the boys heading back for another training session soon.”

To learn more about MMA classes at Rising Crane visit www.risingcrane.co.uk or call 01234 267444.

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