Junior Blues Reporters for the day were Robert and Ben Parrish, aged 9 and 11. Here's their take on a disappointing day for the Blues.

An eventful game – two yellow cards and five tries between them (2 Bedford:3 Plymouth).

The first score of the day went to Bedford from 35 metres out Pritchard converted a penalty to make it 3:0 after 2 minutes and 19 second.   It was looking like it was going to be Bedford’s game but in less than two minutes Cusack came back from 45 meters to make it 3:3.

There was plenty of action in the next 16 minutes from both sides of the pitch, when again Cusack shot an accurate penalty from 15 meters out taking Plymouth 6:3 up.

Steady play continued without any change to the score board despite temperatures rising between the players.  Then after 33 minutes and some beautiful passing out the wing by Plymouth giving Eoghan Grace the opportunity for a try.  Quickly converted by Cusack making it 3:13 to Plymouth.

4 minutes later and Cusack from 25 meters scored another penalty to make it 3:16 Plymouth.

For the first time in nearly 35 minutes Pritchard gives the Bedford crowd something to shout about scoring a fantastic try running nearly half  the pitch.  He then took the kick hitting the post but luckily  the ball rebounded over the posts.  Just before half time Pritchard misses a penalty from 30 meters out leaving the crowd disappointed.      


Half time 10:16.


Both teams came out pumped up ready for the next half.

Phil Bolton going off and Tomas Gilardon-Paz comes on for the home team.

Six minutes into the second half Pritchard steps up and makes the score 13:16 making the scoreboard close and looking as though Bedford is in with a chance.  Though four minutes later a straight comeback for Plymouth with Rhys Oakley, Captain for Plymouth scoring a try and a nice conversion from Cusack making the board 13:23.  Three minutes later though Robert Langley gets a yellow card and Plymouth are down to 14 men. Tony Fenner comes on to replace Mark Atkinson and Harrison Tovey comes off and Len Ashcroft Lee replaces.

Bedford failed to take advantage of the light team. 

After 61 minutes another yellow card for Plymouth -Toby Howley-Berridge joins Langley on the side.  Plymouth are down to 13 men for three minutes. 

Back to full strength on the pitch, Shanahan gets a drop goal 30 meters out – magnificent! Making the score 13:26.  It looked like Bedford were getting really tired and Plymouth had still more to give with a try from Bowen which was converted by Shanahan.

To a big surprise a very late try by Tomas Gilardon-Paz, but too late to make a different then a missed conversion from Pritchard who totalled 13 points in the game making him the overall top scorer an man of the match.

Overall the game was to a high standard though unfortunately Bedford came away with a loss.  Despite beating Plymouth away 12:27, Plymouth came back fighting for the return match turning the tables with a similar defeat of the home side.

Cusack 10 points, Oakley, Grace and Shanahan getting 5 points and Gilardon Paz 5.

Plus 100 caps for Jake Sharp Bedford.

Attendance 2,199 people.


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