You've seen it in the programme, now we are bringing it to the website! Head to head this week comes courtesy of two of the Blues most talkative players who never fail to deliver. Luke Baldwin is enjoying another season slugging it out with Darryl Veenendaal for the number nine shirt while Mark Atkinson continues his impressive run of form whether it is at centre or fullback. Enjoy.

He-Man cartoon producer Lou Scheimer died this week but if you had to compare yourself to a cartoon character which would it be and why? What about one of your teammates?

LB: I’d have to go for Popeye because he loves spinach and has big arms, just like me.

MA: I think I’d be more suited to being a sidekick rather than the star of the show. I see myself as being someone like Robin – not stealing the limelight but up there in the secondary position. In the slips if you will.

LB: Nico would have to be Mr Blobby.

MA: We could make a lot of chubby jokes but I’m not sure it would be right to start picking on Dazz Fearn so early.

LB: I’m not sure that we can now that he’s a Jacamo model. He’s beyond having the mickey taken now.

MA: The Norfolk crew could probably have a cartoon based solely on them. An animated Alan Partridge would probably be a hero to them.

LB: I see them more as being the hillbilly Cletus Spuckler from the Simpsons.

If you were writing a CV for your fellow interviewee, what would you include to secure a job? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

LB: Mark is very tall dark and handsome.

MA: Luke is small, wide and ginger… Don’t put that in.

LB: You mean stacked, not wide. Mark’s very charming.

MA: Luke’s slightly annoying.

LB: So we’re doing your strengths and my weaknesses then.

MA: I thought that was the idea. Luke’s strength would certainly be the ability to raise office morale.

LB: Funnily enough your weakness would be office morale – the ability to bring everyone down.

MA: I can’t disagree. I have the ability to sap the life out of anything.

A 17-year-old Chelsea fan was left star struck when Jose Mourinho sat next to him after being sent to the stand on Saturday afternoon but who would leave you speechless?

LB: Richard Barrington who came in as on emergency loan a couple of weeks ago often leaves me speechless but he’s far from being a celebrity.

MA: So it has to be a genuine celebrity.

LB: Yes.

MA: I genuinely don’t know.

LB: It’s difficult as we are both quite talkative people and really approachable so it’s quite difficult to get star struck.

MA: Bane from Batman. I wouldn’t want to speak with him.

LB: What? Tom Hardy?

MA: No, Bane. The character. Or Lord Voldemort. There’s two people I’d happily not speak to.

LB: I’d rather speak to Voldemort over Harry Potter.

So the first win finally came against Llanelli – just how important was this?

LB: It was very important. I know it’s a cliché that’s been thrown around ever since, but the monkey is off our back. We just have to ensure that it stays that way.

MA: I think the question ultimately sums up the answer. It was very important. Before that game we were zero wins in five. If we can move on to two from seven, then three from eight - things start to look a little better. Let’s be honest, we’ve had a really tough start to the season but the only game that we felt we really let ourselves down was against Jersey. While we haven’t been happy with the results, things are certainly moving in the right direction and we need to continue that momentum.

A Bedfordshire council removed fairground posters because a resident was afraid of clowns – what are you afraid of?

LB: I’m scared of the supernatural but not ghosts if that makes sense. I’m scared of things like witches.

MA: Really?

LB: Yeah, they really freak me out.

MA: You’re going to have fun on Halloween then aren’t you?

LB: If it’s dark and I’m wandering down the street on my own and I see shadows in the distance then that really freaks me out.

MA: What about Dementors from Harry Potter? Would you have been scared by them?

LB: Yeah, I’d have been really scared by them.

MA: For me, genuinely, it’s being in the house on my own. I live with three boys and they all went off to South Africa a few weeks ago so I ended up sleeping with a golf club next to my bed.

LB: What about heights.

MA: I don’t like heights but I’m not as bad as Scott Spurling. He got the fear when we were in Jersey and heading down this cliff face and in no way was it to do the fact that he thought he had to pay to get down there… We can have one Jewish gag in the programme can’t we?

Darren Fox carried on playing last weekend despite breaking his arm. What’s the ‘hardest’ thing you’ve ever done? Have you ever ‘wimped out’ of a game?

LB: I’m not very hard in any way – I’m quite soft.

MA: I’m quite hard. If it all kicks off on a night out and I’m with, like, eight to ten big rugby lads and there’s only, like, three weedy blokes then I wouldn’t back down. In any other sense I just step back.

LB: Lover not a fighter.

MA: If I was picking Blues players to have on my side then I wouldn’t look further than Darren Fearn. I’m not sure if he’s ever landed a punch but he’s certainly thrown more than the whole team put together. One day, one day, he will land that punch!

LB: I’ve never wimped out of a game.

MA: I had man flu last weekend and had to come off after 50 minutes. Mike Rayer has been checking up on me all week and it seems as if he doesn’t believe that I actually had it. I haven’t slept in three days but I’m still training on a Tuesday night.

LB: That’s dedication to the cause.

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