The weather may have played havoc with the Blues recent Championship fixture list so as a special treat we've decided to publish the full head to head interview that featured in the programme against Bristol with Jake Sharp and Don Barrell answering the fans questions. Don't forget that you can post a question to Blues stars by emailing simon@bedfordrugby.co.uk, Tweeting us @BedfordBluesRFC or visiting us on Facebook. Enjoy!

What makes you angry?
DB: What a great question for Jake Sharp, the angriest man in the world. What makes me angry though is real old man sort of stuff such as mislabelled things in shops. I had a 20 minute argument in a BP garage shop as the sign said two packets of Haribo were £2 but when I got to the till she said that the deal wasn’t on. I then had to tell her legally that as the sign said two for £2 then she had to sell it. We had quite an argument over it.
JS: I think there’s enough anger there for two people. Not much gets me angry really.
DB: There is so much that gets you angry! When you throw bad passes, miss tackles, people drop your passes… You are the angriest player I’ve ever played with.
JS: No comment. I’m really positive.
DB: So much anger!
JS: Maybe when I make a mistake I get a bit angry but I do try to keep it in.
DB: Quite a lot of anger then…
You are two do a fair amount of coaching – do you see that as your career path after rugby?
DB: I think that you should go first as you are still quite fresh.
JS: I’d definitely like to move into coaching once my playing career is over. I do a little bit now but I need to keep Don sweet so that I can get a job in the future.
DB: I think that coaching will definitely be my career path after rugby.
JS: When’s that going to be Don?
DB: I already spend a large chunk of my time coaching at Saracens so it is the next step for me.
JS: Unless we win the lottery of course.
DB: Yes, then the next destination would involve a beach.
JS: But we could coach beach rugby.
DB: Or not.
The Six Nations kicked off last weekend – who caught your eye?
JS: I only saw the second half of the England game…
DB: You got quite angry about that didn’t you!
JS: No, I don’t get angry. The result was disappointing but Faz (Owen Farrell) was on good form. The French winger Yoann Huget had a good game and caused plenty of problems and scored a couple along the way. It’s only the first game though so it’s still pretty open.
DB: I thought it was nice to see some of the younger players coming through and getting their chance.
JS: I’m hoping that we’ll see a bit more of Jonny May this weekend after he lasted about two minytes before busting his nose.
DB: He got about as much game time as me.
JS: I wonder if they call him Splinter like you?
Floyd Mayweather has denied placing $10.7million on the Denver Broncos to win the Superbowl, but what’s the stupidest bet you’ve ever made? Did you win?
JS: I’m not really a betting man although there are a few players who like a flutter ever now and again.
DB: You did actually make a bet with me once that didn’t come off.
JS: That’s true. I bet Don five pounds that something would happen after he got married but it hasn’t happened so I do still owe him a fiver.
DB: I tend to be a little bit more sensible with my money. I don’t mind a gentleman’s bet every now and again.
JS: Or betting for coffee.
DB: Yes a café bet is always good.
Valentine’s Day is just a week away – if you were buying your co-interviewee a gift, what would you go for? Which player would you least like to get a present from? What do you think they’d buy you?
DB: We’ve had a bit of a result as we are away to Ealing on Valentine’s Day so it is going to save me a fortune.
JS: I would buy Don some cupcakes.
DB: Where would you get those from Jake?
JS: I’d probably go to Alice’s Cakes (follow on Twitter @AlicesCakes1) for the best tasting cakes around – not that I’d want to advertise of course.
DB: I’d love to taste Alice’s cupcakes.
JS: I have and they are lovely.
DB: They look very firm.
JS: Anyway…
DB: And creamy.
JS: I’d actually get Don something to do with bees. Maybe a few more to go in his beehive so he can create more honey. Shall we say that it has turned out to ‘bee’ quite an expensive hobby.
DB: That’d be nice.
JS: It would be a ‘sweet’ gift.
DB: I bee-lieve it would be.
JS: They’d be a real ‘buzz’ around it.
DB: If I was getting Jake something for Valentine’s Day then it would be a day out doing things that young people should be. You may not know this, but Jake is the oldest 23 year old around. He’s like an old man. I’d take him out to Laser Quest or somewhere like that.
JS: That’d be a good date.
DB: I think that we’d both agree that the person we’d least like a gift from would be Mark Atkinson.
JS: Yes.
DB: There would be absolutely no nice intension with it at all.
JS: He says that he’s not sarcastic but it just isn’t true.
DB: He’d probably buy something nasty anyway.
JS: It would more than likely be something for himself.
It has been announced that Back to the Future will become a musical – which film would you like to see converted to the stage?
DB: The problem with musicals is that they end up singing things which would be better off acted. That said, I’d love to see The Goonies as a musical. That’d be magical.
JS: Magical.
DB: Nico could be in it couldn’t he…
JS: Purely because of his great voice?
DB: But which character would he be? Sloth or Chunk? Either that or he could just perform it as a one man play like ‘Woman in Black’.
JS: I’d like to see Law Abiding Citizen as a musical. Let’s see the director transform that onto the stage! It would be a bit of a challenge.
DB: That’s a very angry film Jake – I’m starting to see a theme running through this interview.
The Mars Rover is attempting to jump sand dunes on the Red Planet – what was the best toy you ever owned?
DB: Scaletrix. When I was a kid my loft was full of Scaletrix. It was great.
JS: You didn’t have many friends though did you Don so you’d just be playing on your own.
DB: It was the best toy ever. On a slightly different note though – and this is a reflection on society today as I believe there are too many toys – you can’t beat building a den.
JS: I was just going to say that. Building a den or climbing a tree.
DB: Too much consumerism and wasteful destruction of plastic toys these days.
JS: That makes me angry!