If you weren’t one of the 2,555 who enjoyed the thrilling New Year’s day encounter between Bedford Blues and London Scottish then fear not – you can watch the entire game now… Just don’t blink.

The Blues won the game 21-13 in particularly cold, wet and windy conditions but Bedford production company AP Film and Music also attended the game and they have produced a time-lapse video showing all of the action from the day.

AP clamped their camera the club’s TV tower, pressed record at 1.30pm and stopped filming as the crowd began to head home.

For those with an interest in the technology used, AP used 2,000 photos with a 5 second interval to create a 40 second Time-Lapse Video at 50 frames per second.

If you’d like AP Film and Music to create a Time-Lapse video for your event, please feel free to get in touch by ringing: 01234 798037 or email: You can also follow them on Twitter @AP_FM_Prod_