The Blues squad were treated to an afternoon and evening on the farm last Thursday as they finished off block one of pre-season at Woburn Country Foods in Haynes, Bedfordshire.

On arrival the squad were treated to a butchery demonstration from ‘Speed Boner’ Babar where they watched the master butcher expertly bone out a carcass of prime Bedfordshire beef.

The players were then split into teams to design and hand make their own sausages. With a little guidance from Chief Sausage Maker Harriet they came up with some remarkably tasty sausages. The winning recipe was duly named ‘Spanish Infusion’, so tasty in fact that the newly created sausages are being incorporated into the Woburn range and marketed as created with Bedford Blues.

Following their sausage antics, the players took on a gruelling training session, starting with a tyre flip team challenge. Each player flipped a tractor tyre up the large country hills before running back down and repeating the exercise several times under the supervision of Strength and Conditioning Coach Andrew Petts. Back in their teams the players carried tyres across the farm where two demanding circuits were set up involving a 100m sled push and a 100m farmers carry.

If that wasn’t enough, the players had to pick up a heavy hundreds year old wooden beam and run a full lap around an exhausting acreage back to the start line, then as a team sprint the course and finally re-find their punishing log before carrying it to the top of what was by now an apparent mountain.

S&C Coach, Petts said: “I was delighted with the hard work the lads put in today and through pre-season so far. It’s been a great start, now we have to build into block two with more of a rugby focus, underpinned by fitness work.”

“I’d like to thank Andrew, Helen and the team, we look forward to eating more of their meat over the season.”

The evening culminated in a BBQ featuring Woburn’s local Beef burgers and Sausages as well as tasting their own sausages as the staff at Woburn Country Foods treated the boys to a handsome feast.

Woburn Country Foods Directors, Andrew and Helen Davies said: “We didn’t realise how much extra fun could be had on their farm, our staff loved showing the boys what they do and were impressed with the flavours of the sausages. We hope the boys enjoyed the night and are pleased to support them this coming season.

“We were most impressed by the strong bond, camaraderie and politeness shown by all the players and believe it bodes well for a very successful and enjoyable season.”

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