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It is, of course, incredibly easy when things are going well. When it is multiple high fives, hearty handshakes and pats on the back, life goes swimmingly. Bounces of the ball, referee’s decisions and touch judge interventions are all just shrugged off with a ‘you win some, you lose some’ philosophy. But when it’s going pear-shaped, everything takes a darker edge. Words and phrases like ‘pathetic, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘it’s a conspiracy’ start being heard on the terraces and blame, with all its surly belligerence, looks for somewhere to settle. 

And that is where the Blues find themselves.

Watching the Blues on TV rather than from my usual Eagle Stand seat gives a unique and rather different perspective on the Goldington Road experience. Granted, it wasn't ideal catching up on the subsequent Tuesday via Sky+ but it did give me a chance to view my beloved club through an objective lens.

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